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RIDGID Toilet Augers feature a vinyl guard to protect porcelain at the throat of the bowl with the auger going into the S-bend Strong compression-wrapped inner core cable with three separate wrappings around the central core to power through and
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75mm water seal tubular swivel P trap Adjustable height to ease installation1-1/4" - 32mm multi-fit compression fitting Will fit both solvent and push-fit UK waste pipes Conforms to BS EN 274-1: 2002
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Variable speed operation: fully variable from 0 - 600 RPM to give you complete control in every situation Leak resistant: inner drum prevents leakage to keep the jobsite clean Reduce job time by 15%: advance and retrieve cable without stopp
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(5051258005885 / 10030379) - Chrome Plated - Size: 15mm - Weight: 0.140kg | 15mm Angled
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Bonding PVC and ABS non pressure pipes to themselves and each other.PVC Soil and ventilating pipes, fittings and accessories conforming to BS4514.PVC rainwater piping/goods conforming to BS4576.PVC underground drainpipes and fittin
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The reliable and efficient Einhell GH-DP 3730 submersible dirty water pump is perfect for gentle and stress-free pumping of dirty water. Including a useful plastic handle and a 10 cm power cord, this pump is the ideal additi
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Compatible with submersible pumps including Silverline 262231, 171682 and 869235 - High-capacity 10 m discharge hose - Ideal for emptying ponds, pools, ditches and flooded areas - Durable and hardwearing - Flexible PVC construction
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GROHE. Phase 5: Fine filtration captures even the finest particles. - 5 Years Manufacturer's Warranty - Phase 4: Activated carbon filtration for a perfect taste. Important minerals are retained.
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Clean and remove obstructions Suitable for most domestic drainage pipes Rods can reach up to 9 metres in length Crimped and pinned rustproof connectors for strength Complete with plunger and double worm screw
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For use with Siamp Optima 49 dual flush valve - Chrome surround, matt chrome full flush button, bright chrome half flush button - Secures the lid in position when connected to the flush valve - Dual flush - For use with Siamp Optima 49 dual flush valve -
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Simple and easy to use with step by step detailed instructions Included.Universal application for 8, 10, 15 and 22mm pipe work.Helps to avoid unnecessary Mess, damaged floors to carpets.
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30 feet of the finest Bailey BLUE rods - Varying Tool options - Quality, reliable and strong for the toughest jobs - Heavy duty blue waterproof Bailey carry bag with adjustable shoulder straps - Compact - easily stored in the works, Shed, garage or van
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Candy CBL 150 E. format: counter-top - Colour: White - Door Hinge: Right. Clear of the refrigerator capacity: 145 L - Climate Class: ST. Energy efficiency class: A + - Annual Energy Consumption: 126 k Wh. Width: 54 cm - Depth: 55 cm - Height: 87 cm.
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Re-cuts the seats of leaking tapes Two double-ended plastic bushes Fits BS5412 and BS1010 1/2 inches and 3/4 inches taps
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Bailey (5016729023126 / 1751) | Bailey Universal Plunger, Universal Plunger
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Size: 11/4 inch75mm water seal Adjustable inlet makes trap suitable for all domestic repair, maintenance and improvement work Manufactured in polypropylene Conforms to BS EN 274-1: 2002
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Monument (5015375003612 / MON361) | 361T Box Ring, Box Ring, Fitting on insulated copper
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Length: 30 metre.Superior Quality flexible PVC hose.Made from polyester fibre reinforced for extra strength. The hose is kink resistant and easy-to-clean.1/2in diameter, Conforms to BS3746.
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Releases seized and corroded parts through shock freezing.Freeze action breaks the corrosion seal and allows the penetrant to reach the corroded area, releasing the seized items in 1-2 minutes.Also helps to prevent future corrosion and is
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Soluble in water Used to locate the direction of water flow in pipes, drains etc Dilution rates assume that the dye is being added to clean water Range of colours Drain testing dyes vary according to dilution rate per water l
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Robust: Brass construction for extended life. - Universal: Compatible with all available click systems. - Convenient: For connecting 2 hoses together.
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3 Layers - A weather-resistant, UV-proof outer layer protects the material, and an opaque interlayer prevents algae formation in the hose. - Hose operating temperature range -20 to 65 C. - Free of phthalates, cadmium, barium and lead, therefore harmless t
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Keeps chisel in place - For use with the Silverline 394970 Air Hammer - Also compatible with certain models from other brands - Quality, cost-effective replacement part - Extends the working life of your tool
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This 50m Primo Flex Plus Hose is the perfect addition to your gardening and outdoor maintenance kit. It has a three-layer construction with the UV-proof outer layer of the Primo Flex Plus Hose ensuring protection from the elements. M