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Trixie (4011905012940 / 1294) | Fully adjustable, Trixie Car Harness, Trixie Car, Easy to put, Belly straps, Harness and Car, Harness for Cats
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Pressing the remote control the dog gets the treats Increasing levels to increasing distance between release button and food dispenser Rotating reservoir inside the food dispense Adjustable opening for adjusting the release of treats
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Made from 100% Natural Quality Wild Salmon skins, this is the ultimate super healthy chew for dogs. - Suitable for dogs of all sizes. Durable texture is designed to encourage chewing to help remove plaque. - Salmon is a rich source of vitamins and mineral
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Hanging scratching board Rear side covered with EVAComes with toy on string Ideal for wall mount or lying Help to shed dead layers of nail
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Polyester resin rock stairs for aquarium - Comes with plastic plants - Salt water resistant - Highlights your aquarium
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Plastic fish hatchery, suitable for viviparous and spawning fish For spawning and raising young fish in the aquarium Versatile due to 5 chamber system Side and bottom vents ensure optimum water circulation For hooking into norma
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An intelligent toy Snacks fall out from the rolling motion With removable rods to regulate the treat output
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Bob Martin (4008239212979 / 178251) | Standard UK delivery, Soon as The goods, Standard UK, Items or items, Responsible for items, Manufacturer’s warranties, Refund of the price, Refund the price & Discretion of the manufacturer
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Adjustable stairs for all rodents and small animals Floors give your pet the opportunity to explore his cage from several different heights Staircase is made of untreated wood material Important to offer the animal a chance to grind t
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An all natural wooden house - Use for mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits - Made of untreated natural wood material - Rodent home can be gnawed at because of untreated natural wood - Ideal for rabbits
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Trixie (4011905628158 / 62815) | Trixie Snack Cube, Trixie Snack, Holes in the cubes
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with armpit padding - easy handling, easy to put on - inhibits trial of strength between dog and dog handler - for training purposes, not for continuous use as a walking harness - fully adjustable
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An ideal moisture absorption Made of microfibers Suitable for all fur types and dries super quick after washing Also suitable for horses Measures 50 by 60 cm in size
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JULIUS K-9 (5999053614447 / 5999053614447) | Julius K9, Dog Safety Muzzle, Muzzle of a Dog, Dog alone
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It is powerful and low noise - Parallel oxygenation is possible - Two-phase cleaning biologically - Sponge and chemically with active carbon - TUV/GS approved - 20 Watt - 100 - 180 L - 1000 l / h
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Made of natural wood material Use for creating animal-friendly surroundings Free-standing bottle holder Use for shaping a humane environment Measures 18 cm length by 30 cm width by 18 cm height
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Short-term use for vets and train rides Made of polyester material With net insert for better heat exchange Fully adjustable neck strap with snap fit It also fully adjustable snout circumference
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Toledo scratching post with plush cover Posts with plush border and wrapped in natural sisal Padded platform With toy on string Suitable for both small and large cat Good value High quality design
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Provides a spacious, enclosed space for small birds to nest Made of natural bamboo material and a sturdy wire frame Encourages natural breeding and nesting behaviours in birds Keep them happy and healthy
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Trixie (4011905012889 / 1288) | Fully adjustable, Car Harness, Abdomen Perimeter, Trixie Car Harness, Cm Thickness, Mm Example of breed, Trixie Harness, Short adjustable leash
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Trixie (4011905012919 / 1291) | Fully adjustable, Car Harness, Abdomen Perimeter, Cm Thickness, Mm Example of breed, Trixie Car, Trixie Harness, Short adjustable leash
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Trixie (4011905012926 / 1292) | Fully adjustable, Abdomen Perimeter, Cm Thickness, Mm Example of breed, Trixie Harness, Short adjustable leash
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Defelting spray with solving effects of Jojoba Removes felt, straightens, protects the fur To gain more gloss
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Polyester resin with plants With air-pump connection Radiating air opens the shell Salt water resistant Does not affect the water quality
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Good value and high quality design Made of polyester resin Salt water resistant Does not affect the water quality Size: 9 cm sea shell Good value High quality design
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Treasure chest aquarium decoration Made from polyester resin material Comes with plastic plants Does not affect the water quality Height: 17 cm
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Screen cleaner with replaceable metal blade - Remove persistent algae soiling - 2 Sponges to remove slight and coarse soiling - Angled attachment for cleaning corners - Adjustable telescopic handle
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Tree stump for aquarium Made from polyester resin material Salt water resistant Can be perfectly used as a decorative item for aquarium Height: 16 cm
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Trixie (4011905130033 / 13003) | Trixie Top Trainer, Training Harness, Trainer Training Harness
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Large tube brush double ended long brush Flexible and bendable Salt water resistant Perfect for cleaning the interior of assorted hoses Especially useful for bent pipes or U-shape pipes
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Fully Tauchbar Waterproof Cap and Safety Glass Suitable for fresh water and sea water; with protection against dry running; TÜV/GS approved Control for quick and easy temperature regulation with suction cups Parallel arranged heating
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A tough and robust dog toy with sound Offers everything for all types of play With polyester fleece filling Made with latex material
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Trixie (4011905087122 / 4011905087122) | Affect the water, Salt water resistant, Trixie Crocodile
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Trixie (4053032363410 / 4053032363410) | Polyester cover, Soft plush, Reversible cushion, Soft plush cover, Trixie Kaline, Kaline soft Cave