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Ceramic Heater for Terrarium 60 Watt - Pure heat radiator with E 27 socket - For creating heat points - For use only in heat-resistant ceramic sockets. - Durable conical shape
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A high protein food for reptiles. - Ideal as a supplement to live food. - Also suitable for small mammals.
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Assembly porcelain socket E27 with cable Socket part for hanging For use with up to 150 watt lamps Contains all parts necessary for assembly Note: electrical installation should be carried out by a professional
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Ferplast (8010690022949 / F60021099) | Ferplast Aquariums, Geo Medium, Ferplast Geo
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The sand has been sifted to remove impurities and to obtain a homogenous sand grain size - Creates a natural and attractive desert environment - Excellent heat conductor; stimulates natural digging and burrowing behavior, suitable as egg-laying substrate
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Ideal For Safe & Secure Transportation - Suitable for temporary housing while home is being cleaned - Secure Hinged Lid & Access Door - Each to Clean - Size 1.4L
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Clean and safe gel water supply for invertebrates Hygienic refreshment for crickets, locusts, millipedes and spiders Prevents insects from drowning in water bowls No water soils and less risk of bacteria contamination
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Heat Heat Mats a generous Erhöhung soil or temperature in terrarium - Easy to install with adhesive on one side - Includes 4 Distance feet for the corners of the terrariums to prevent build up of heat - 20 watts at 220 – 240 V - 42 x 28 cm
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ideal for daily moistening of small terrariums - Aerosol Sprayer - Great product - great value product - easy to use
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Approx. 30 cm long tweezers for jobs in an aquarium or terrarium Made of stainless steel Great for feeding in animals.In a salt water after use with fresh water sink