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Gorilla Tubs (0729848007292 / GORSHOVELYEL) | Plastic Shovel, Shifting and lifting, Gorilla Shovel, Red Gorilla 119/1PPY
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Super-strong comfort grip handles100 percent food-grade plastic Flexible yet very, very strong Frost and UV resistant; totally phalate free Safe for livestock, pets, fish and completely safe for children also babies
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Histamin Control 300 Comp. Stangest - Products for the care of your pet. - These products will make your pet feel healthy both outside and inside.
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Lead has a stop ring to 1. act as non choking. 2. can be used as a figure of 8 to aid pulling.Stop ring individually adjustable with slide.Good thick, stong rope.Leather stitiched.10mm thick, 120cm long
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VetPlus (5031812508359 / 5031812508359) | Unique combination, Respiratory tract
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Fast acting control of aphids, blackfly, red spider mites, and others - Pesticide free, uses physical mode of action to stop pests - Controls powdery mildew by washing away the spores - Provides roses with nutrients for strong, vibrant roses - Safe to use
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1 Aluminium telescopic rod, 1.28 to 2.25 m, 1 aluminium extension rod 1 m, 2 clamping parts galvanised Pole for a firm wall to wall or floor to ceiling connection2 tension parts, adjustable No drilling or screwing
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for removing matted hair, dirt and knotsflexible Curry Comb adapts perfectly to body contoursrust-free, blunt wire pins with safety caps
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For cattle, horse & dogs Takes all a5 type blades.Tether cord protects against accidental drops. 9" long.Weighs approx 950g.Strokes per minute: 3,400/4,400.
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Authentic dog sport multifunction saddle bag - Made of durable nylon material - For accessories and snacks - Measures 24 cm length by 14 cm width - Available in green/orange colour
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Ideal to polish and smooth long coated breeds The comfortable non-slip handle allow for a secure grip Washable brush
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Round chain with short links looks appealing - Chain runs well through the ring to bring sharp correction - Ideal for short haired breeds
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A veterinary antibacterial aerosol for the treatment of superficial wounds, lamb navels and fly strike on sheep.Clear non staining formula.150g
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Cavalor (5425016900376) | Pain Relief, Side effects, Cavalor Freebute, Pain muscles and joints, Product provides muscular
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Penetrates the horn to nourish the hoof deep down - Prevents the hoof wall from drying, protects it from the wet and activates horn growth - Used and recommended by all riding professional - nourish
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Designed to be used throughout the itching season - Contains coconut oil, aloe vera, MSM, rosemary essential oil and lemon grass essential oil - Hilton Herbs Bye Bye Itch Lotion 250ml
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Supplies essential fatty acids omega 4 and 6 required to support the skin's epidermal layers integrity, strength and condition - Includes the amino acids required for keratin production that forms the first line of defence in skin and hair as well as zinc
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32 Oz., Spray Away Horse Wash - Formula Contains Natural Plant Esters, That Condition The Coat Adding Body, And Shine - Formula Is Safe And Gentle Enough To Use Everyday - Thorough Cleaning Eliminates Fungal, And Bacterial Food Sources For Healthier Skin