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Kidde (0047871096336 / KE7DCOC) - Weight: 0.2600 | Boats and caravans, Fire safety, UTC fire, Carbon Monoxide Alarm, CO Alarm, Carbon Monoxide, X Kidde
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Power supply of 3 x AA batteries; Continual monitoring Multi-feature green and red LEDs10 year sensor life End-of-life warning Test/Reset button It has replaceable batteries
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Fireangel (0816317000981 / CO-9X) | Carbon Monoxide Alarm, CO Alarm, Carbon Monoxide, Fireangel CO-9XT-FF, Fireangel CO-9X, Carbon Monoxide Detector, Carbon Monoxide Alarm CO-9X, CO Detector Alarm
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Continuous monitoring End-of-life alarm Test/reset button Battery operation Multi-function green and red LED's
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Automatic self diagnostic check7yr sealed for life Lithium battery Loud 85d B alarm at 1 metre Large Test & Silence button Large multi-function digital screen and room thermometer.Temperature facility designed to provide
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Nest (0854448003778 / S3003LWGB) - Next Day Delivery - Grey - Wired - Smart Smoke Alarms - Height: 135 mm - Number of sensors: 4 - Operating range: 20 ft - Sensor type: Temperature, Humidity, Occupancy, Ambient Light
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Non-replaceable, sealed-in Lithium battery - Co Quick-Test feature - Interrogation feature - Alarm memory - Unique water-based CO electrochemical sensor - Warning! this CO alarm is not a substitute for a smoke or fire alarm
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Advanced electrochemical sensor designed to accurately measure low levels of CO - Led status indicators for power and alarm mode - Co sensitivity level: 50Ppm - Easy to install. Portable so can be taken on holiday or installed within the home - Certified
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EN 50291 Certified Carbon Monoxide Detector: High accuracy and reliable long life electrochemical CO sensor and the CO alarm detector complies with EN 50291 standard - Large Digital LCD Screen: Display CO concentration PPM Level and Battery status. And th
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Light and Sound Alarm Warning: When a dangerous level of carbon monoxide is detected the red LED will flash and the alarm pattern will sound 85-decibel alarm to protect your family's life and property safety from CO detector. - Alarm Standard: the alert t
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Accurate, Reliable & Highly Sensitive: Our CO detector can real time monitor the CO concentration in air. Alert you when carbon monoxide is detected to reach dangerous levels,the alarm pattern will sound 85-decibel alarm to protect your family's life and
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✅MEET THE LATEST EN 50291-1:2018 – Our products are updated closely according to The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015, label with the document code “EN 50291:2018” released by TUV. It is important for you to make sure you
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Carbon monoxide alarm alerts you to elevated carbon monoxide levels in the home - Electrochemical sensor accurately detects carbon monoxide and alerts you with a loud 85 d B alarm - Instant test/reset button quickly silences false alarms; features power,
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【QUICK INSTALLATION】Carbon Monoxide alarm can be wall mounted or free standing - ideal for taking on holiday or when travelling. When the harmful gas precise electrochemical CO sensor, it shows high consistency and stability. The Test / Silence button
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Always get warned in time if there is too much carbon monoxide thanks to the carbon monoxide alarm The alarm of 85 d B goes off when the concentration of carbon monoxide is too high Easy to install near combustion devices with just some scre
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Mains powered with 7 year sealed rechargeable lithium back-up battery - Provides end of life warning when the alarm has reached the end of it's life - LED display indicates alarm state, power supply status and low battery - Digital display provides early
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【10-YEAR BATTERY】 This smoke carbon monoxide detector contains a battery, and could keep for 10 years, saving on energy while remaining eco-friendly. The gas alarm can detect smoke, fire, carbon monoxide in one device, fully protecting your family. -
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Optical smoke-sensing technology detects all types of fire, including slow smouldering fires - Less prone to nuisance alarms - Ideal for grade F installations where cost is a priority - Large central test and silence button feature - A loud 85 d B alarm -
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Advanced electrochemical sensor designed to accurately measure low levels of CO - Wi-fi-safe 2 - Wirelessly interlink up to 50 alarms. If one alarm goes off They all go off - Led status indicators for power and alarm mode - Locate feature - silence all bu
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Photoelectric Sensor Battery Operated, Easy Installation Test/Reset Button, 5 Year Warranty
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Replaceable one year battery included Loud 85d B alarm Visual LEDs for power and alarm Automatic self diagnostic check
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✅CO Alarm: Equipped with a sensor for carbon monoxide, it is accurate, reliable and highly sensitive to instantly notify you when dangerous CO concentration is detected while minimizing false alarms, providing the ultimate protection from deadly carbon